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  • Workshops & Webinars

    Initiate your learning & development about work-life & leadership

    Workshops & webinars (online) aim to those wishing to get inspiring perspectives on work-life & leadership well as those longing for change but not knowing where to start. Their sole aim is to provide participants with initial tools for reflection and learnings about work-life and leadership development.

    Workshops & webinars are developed experiential learning where participants are co-active in the flow of the workshop. The number of participants is limited (never more than 15). Workshops & webinars are designed in short format from few hours to less than a day, to give participants a taste of transformation. To strength this taste, participants are offered a session of free coaching after the workshop & webinar.

    Workshops are offered in various cities and countries. Webinars are offered via Zoom. Workshops & Webinars can be offered as breakfast meeting for networks or small group kick-off meeting, just contact me.