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  • Work-life One-to-One Coaching

    Accompanying you in make your life puzzle harmonious

    Making life happen is like assembling a puzzle, i.e. having each piece from your work and non-work domains in place to enable you to create a whole. Such work-life puzzling is for some of us a welcoming challenge leading to higher creativity, higher satisfaction, higher energy and higher life well-being. But for other others it leads to tension, dissatisfaction, poorer health and lower performance. These are human reactions and nothing to be afraid of.

    To solve that, some of you may look for prepared advices, guidelines in bookstores and often ready-made solutions, but nothing work; nothing seems adaptable to your life. Moreover, all life events such as new work, new family situation, new house, new colleague, new friends etc… affect how your life puzzle works. It is why puzzling life is a constant process for anyone but sometimes, you may need support and mobilise deeper resources. I am there to help you in that journey during which you ought to take back life into your hands and put your life on track for you to be at choice at the work-life interface.


    Work-life one-to-one coaching considers that we are all different and unique. We all have different numbers of pieces, with diverse shapes and sizes. We all have different and unique ways to look at the whole and at the harmony of the puzzle… This renders the puzzling of our life unique to each and one of us. Therefore, work-life one-to-one coaching explores your life pieces, their roles one towards each other, their shapes, their development. Work-life one-to-one coaching explores how you wish to combine them as well how you do currently combine and them. Via work-life one-to-one coaching, you get a personalised attention as you are at the centre to get empowered in becoming the heroic leader or even hero of your life puzzle.


    Work-life one-to-one coaching is proposed

    • as unique session
    • as 3, 6, 9 or 12-month programme
    • face-to-face or remotely (phone or Zoom)
    • in English, Swedish and French
    • for any individuals either as private or business client


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