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  • JCL Coaching's Vision & Way of Working

    BE & ACT with co-active and sustainable thinking for sustainable individuals, organisations and societies

    My personal and professional interest in Human, Personal Development and Leadership with a focus on work/non-work experiences arises from my multi-faceted identity as work-life researcher, as business administrator professor as well as coach & consultant.

    From researching and teaching at university, I comprehend organisations and leadership as a whole which enable me to apprehend the connections work-life in maybe an original and innovative way. I am also fully aware of the challenges of sustainable development that I do think can only be tackled if we do work together or with co-active thinking. 

    I wish to transfer this multi-level knowledge and this co-active sustainable way of thinking to you via JCL Coaching

    JCL Coaching Mission

    Work-life balance and Leadership at the centre of sustainable, authentic and humanistic relationships and above all at the centre of our sustainable society.

    JCL Coaching Vision

    Empowering individuals and organisations in their transformative journey towards genuine and heroic leadership for work-life balance & value-driven business and society.

    JCL Coaching Objectives

    Accompanying individuals in being the authentic, courageous, knowledgeable and heroic leader of their work-life balance and leadership

    Accompanying organisations in being authentic, bold and knowledgeable in their transformation for work-life balance & leadership.

    Working towards sustainability

    My personal and professional journeys are strongly associated with my wish to make an impact. In that regards, I wish to fully contribute to the so-called “SUSTAINABILITY”. Sustainability is about the three systems we live in. First, the environmental system as the Planet is at stake. Second, the social system as we People are at stake. Third, the economic system as our economies are at stake. Even if the notion of sustainability evolves over time, the centrality of these three stakeholders is constant so that we shall act here and now.

    With this in mind, I fully adopt in my business practices but also as part of my mission and vision, the 17 UN Sustainable Goals.

    As Mission & Vision,

    I believe that work-life coaching, work-life consulting and work-life training fully enable, empower and prepare individuals for a better well-being which connects with UN Goal 3. I believe that getting higher well-being is a condition for organizations to perform in a sustainable way which connects with UN Goal 8. I finally believe that reaching higher well-being render individuals and organisations more autonomous and freer to engage as global citizens and global actors on our planet so that together we can act as partners as indicated in UN Goal 17.

    As Business in my working processes,

    I believe in balancing the centrality of local economies, impact on close nature, ecological footprint and social impact.

    By being Co-Active

    To be co-active is about working together and cooperate in understanding what is happening as well as in how we can develop solutions. The source of the co-active collaboration are the inner resources inside you as individual or inside your organisation, such inner resource being so often hidden.

    The role of the co-active coach and/or consultant is to create a safe space to enable you to find and listen to your inner resources to transform them into capabilities to be and to act.

    By being Co-Active with individuals

    I encourage individual’s self-development in what, how and why they can increase their work/non-work & leadership so that they can develop sustainable, unique and diverse humanistic relationships in your life. This implies that:

    • we work together for you to become self-aware, knowledgeable, competent, reflective and open in what and how you can apprehend and tackle work-life & leadership challenges,
    • we discover together your life puzzle & your leadership and together develop work-life & leadership strategies unique for you,
    • I act as an inspirational and critical driver instructor on your work-life & leadership roads as we tackle together your work, non-work and work/non-work experiences and how your leadership at work and outside is appropriate to your harmonious life.

    By being Co-Active with organisations

    I support organisations in developing together and co-creating distinctive and tailored conditions enabling to develop sustainable, unique and diverse humanistic relationships. This implies that

    • we analyse together your organisation’s structure, culture, strategies and policies in order to analyse their coherence towards work-life management and HR,
    • we co-operate and co-produce unique and adapted work-life & leadership programmes as well as HR systems favouring sustainable individual and organisational well-being,
    • I act as an inspirational and critical driver instructor on your roads to sustainable work-life and leadership development strategies.

    Learning & Growing

    I believe that this is central for individuals and organisations to both DEEPEN their learning about themselves and their actions but also to BROADEN theirs view by observing others and sharing with others.

    DEEPENING AND BROADENING are central to LEARNING & GROWING so that all activities at JCL Coaching include group discussions and individual personal coaching.

    Via group co-active discussions, participants:

    • share different views about leadership & work-life so that the team and the organisation can develop a better individual and organisational understanding of issues in focus
    • engage in relevant and vibrant group discussions and interactions to stimulate their thinking, feelings, emotions, views and knowledge about leadership & work-life
    • understand and learn to put their own story and experiences in perspective and can learn from others’ story and experiences

    Via individual coaching, each participant:

    • reflects about his/her current & future leadership, work-life balance and life-puzzle
    • discovers his/her areas to develop to reach a better leadership as well effective work-life favourable to every individual
    • get a deeper knowledge about themselves but also the possibility to take action that are coming form their inner resources

    As coach, as facilitator in courses, as consultant, I, Jean-Charles and JCL Coaching, take 5 engagements towards any individuals and organisations working with me, 

    1- Asking provocative questions enabling you to reflect, increase your self-awareness, get perspective about work-life & leadership

    2- Challenging and stimulating your transformative journey while increasing your humanistic knowledge about you, as individuals or/and organisations

    3- Providing structure and focus needed for you to stay in action and get empowered in making your work-life & leadership happen,

    4- Respecting your individuality and uniqueness, as individuals or/and organisations, to enable you growing to be your own courageous and heroic leader of work-life & leadership,

    5- Adapting our learning relationship that we together tackle the challenges on the road to your heroic self and meaningful well-being.

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