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    My academic experiences at your service

    Since 2002, I am teaching at university level from 1styear to master level, in multi-cultural classes, in Sweden, France, South Africa, Rwanda in French, English and Swedish. I have been teaching in management & marketing broadly speaking. This long accumulation of teaching and pedagogical development is at your services. First, it is there in connection to my research and work-life bit also it is there as freelance/independent teacher from lectures, modules or full courses

    My areas of expertise are:

    Leadership theory

    Strategic Human Resource Management

    Human Resource Management

    Human Development

    Organisation Theory

    Scientific method research

    Project Management

    Work-life modules & courses

    To enable students, from start, to know how to reach harmony between work and life, it is necessary to train them. I hear so many clichés about work- life so that many will not be ready to work and start their “so called real life”.

    I propose you, university work-life modules & courses that

    • * are designed for students in the frame of their Human Resources, Human Development, Organisational Behaviour so that students who will be leader, will work with HR have a solid knowledge about work-life and not only the last chapter of the HR book…These course are both theoretical and developmental in nature. These courses or modules can be tailored to your course, however the general aim of the module is to increase students’ knowledge, capabilities as well as mindset in regard to work-life from an individual and/or the organisational perspective.
    • * can be given as part of induction week and personal development programme along studies so that students can peu à peu practice to handle boundaries in their study-life.
    • * can be combined with “academic one-to-one coaching” programme


    Examples of 2 ways to organise work-life modules in a course

    Business and management academic courses

    As independent assistant professor I am here to support your university in academic courses (development and/or delivery) from lecturing, seminars and examination. I am also here for single lectures and smaller working assignments

    Supervision of bachelor and master theses in management

    Since 2005, I have supervised around 10 in average a year, at Bachelor and Master level, in the field mostly of leadership, service management and HR, in Swedish and in English. Most of my students when examined externally have been given B or A to their thesis.



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