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    Let’s talk about work-life & leadership

    What do you want to talk about?

    Just tell me so that we engage your employees, colleagues, students, friends and others in vivid discussions on work-life balance, life puzzle and leadership. But in the meantime here are few examples for inspiration:

    What is work-life balance and work-life puzzle? | Building my life-puzzle; from integration to segmentation of my life domains | What do I want and what can I do to reach a work-life balance and harmonious work-life puzzle? | Listening to my feelings: they key to work-life harmony | Stress management and work-life puzzle| How can HR and Strategic HRM create conditions for employees’ well-being and harmonious work-life puzzle?  |  Genuine and authentic leadership for work-life balance | Living up to my core values to reach work-life balance | Leading and organizing sustainable work-life balance…

    About Jean-Charles

    As Work-Life Researcher (Ph.D.), Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Certified Cultural Transformation Tools Consultant (CTTC), I, Jean-Charles Languilaire, i.e. JCL, take work-life experiences and work-life balance to the next level by talking about LIFE PUZZLE and its strategic role for individuals and organisations.

    As a researcher in work-life balance and leadership since 2000, I would be happy and enthusiast to share my research, experience and knowledge with you, your colleagues, your students, your employees, your team…. about life puzzle, work-life balance, as well as their connection to management, leadership and self-leadership.

    With the help of my passion, energy and heart and my values of sharing, caring, learning, knowledge, exploring and authenticity, I have a genuine commitment to empower you and increase your knowledge and awareness around life puzzle challenges to create sustainable, humane and healthier communities. 

    Life puzzle and Life puzzling

    Life is like a puzzle and making all pieces of one’s life fit together in a harmonious puzzle is more complex than one may think. Individuals may have three ways to build their life puzzle: 1- pieces may be integrated and may overlap, 2-pieces may be separated and divided, or 3- pieces may get integrated and, at the same time, separated. But how is that working? How do people near you build their life puzzle? How do I lead myself in such puzzle? What is a harmonious life puzzle? How can I as employer make it possible for my employees to reach a harmonious life puzzle?…

    Answers to these questions can be found in research showing that individuals develop relevant boundary strategies that suit their life goals for an increased work-life balance and a reduced work-life conflict.



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