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    Let’s talk about work-life & leadership

    As a work-life & leadership researcher, I would love to share with you, your colleagues and your team my experience and knowledge regarding the centrality of balancing work with life outside work as well as about the complex processes of work-life balance and life puzzle and its connection to leadership and self-leadership.

    Using my passion, my enthusiasm, my energy, my heart and my knowledge, I engage with authenticity to increase your knowledge and awareness about work-life management, HR, leadership and about their importance in a better sustainable, human and healthy organisations and society.

    About Jean-Charles

    As Work-Life Researcher (Ph.D.), Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Certified Cultural Transformation Tools Consultant (CTTC), I, Jean-Charles Languilaire, i.e. JCL, take work-life experiences and work-life balance to the next level. I rely on my values of sharing, caring, learning, knowledge, exploring and authenticity to ultimately empowering and accompanying individuals and organisations in being courageous, fierce, true & knowledgeable leaders during their transformative leadership journey towards their work-life balance.


    Life puzzling & Leadership


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