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  • 2019-12-26 – New Year, minus 5 days,

    At the precise moment, how many are waiting for THE day that will make life different: the famous 1st of January? How many are looking for THE second that will make the 19 years of our century in the past? How many are expecting that the 2020s will be better? How many are waiting for…something.

    Indeed, this period of the year is, by societal norming, a time we are supposed to use to rest and reconnect with family and friends. Norms at this period of the year are about solidarity, connection, love, support, sharing… but to what extent such norms are becoming a burden and create a feeling of being tight into a straitjacket.

    The straitjacket of lounging in “the between”. Between Christmas and between New Year. Between past and future. Between despair and hope. Between home and holidays resort. Between family we met during Christmas’ Eve and friends we will meet at the New Year’s Eve. Between displaying happy-faces towards people around us and feeling counter emotions inside. Between resolutions to take and knowledge that we will never honor them. Between joy to invite people to share a diner and the panic to make all perfect…

    Being in the between is actually what most of us are doing all along their life forgetting to live in the present in connection with themselves. We have to break this straitjacket and get free using what is INSIDE us… our values, our emotions, our feelings, our strengths, our weaknesses, our fears, our hopes, our genuine desires and much more. We shall genuinely and authentically EMBRACE ourselves to no-longer wait without purpose, to no-longer lounge passively, to no-longer loll in your daily life. We shall genuinely and authentically EMBRACE ourselves but to take a mindful step into our life and consciously decide living in the present that soon will be tomorrow.

    So my advice to you (and myself) is:

    Genuinely and authentically EMBRACE yourself and find your INNER LEADER… mine is “Naked Robin” whom you will know more about all along 2020.