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  • 2019-10-10

    Many stress management books underline the centrality to defined clear objectives for the day, the week and the month, the year, the careers and life…. so that one can “plan” and “control”. “Management-By-Objectives” (MBO) is to me not the principle mechanism of work-life balance. Reaching balance and harmony is life is so complex that you will never be able to act rational as it would be requested with MBO. So how can you direct your action towards your life balance and life harmony, what is your compass? Your compass are YOUR VALUES. Value based Self-Leadership (VbSL) enables to render humanity to our life and empowers us to thrive for what we believe whatever what you may believe. In daily life, just ask yourself two simple questions when facing a decision:

    1. What is the value of mine that I honor by deciding…
    2. What is the value of mine that I dishonor by not deciding ….


    I know that the shift from MBO to VbSL is not simple. I do experience challenges since a couple years especially now that I am supposed to “run a business” and people want to talk only my objectives… but I also feel that when I listen to my values which are Sharing, Authenticity, Exploring, Learning, Caring, Knowledge & Loving, I am experiencing not only more balance and less conflict, but I experience enrichment and growth. I experience the feeling of being grounded while also being present mentally and fully emotionally sensible. I experience my humanity. My mission as coach is this to empower you to also bring back your humanity by uncovering your values…