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    Starting your transformative & learning journey towards genuine and heroic leadership for work-life balance and value-driven business

    A three-steps co-active consulting model

    As business consulting, I offer you adapted and holistic consulting services to develop your work-life well-being, leadership capacities and value capital. My consulting services are based on 3 steps as follow:

    1) co-active reviewing of your HR, corporate values, leadership systems

    2) co-active understanding of your HR and leadership strategies and practices.

    3) co-active learning through the development of holistic and unique solutions incorporating individual coaching, group coaching, customized courses and workshops, online courses and adapted keynotes

    Creating your life-puzzle and reaching work-life balance

    Effective work-life management is associated with individuals’ motivation, engagement, innovation, creativity, health, vitality, energy and performance which, in return, are resources for organizational success. This causal link has led many organizations to implement work-life programs giving employees more flexibility in their work. But is such flexibility the right and only answer?

    In fact, research underlines that the effectiveness of work-life initiatives depends on the fit between individuals’ work-life expectations & strategies and the organizational expectations & strategies. Such fit between may become more important than the actual expectations & strategies of individuals and organizations.

    Let’s transform your organisation to enable such fit to happen and become a reality….




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