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  • Akademisk en-till-en coaching för studenter

    Combine studying with student life and learn for tomorrow’s life

    Being a student is not always easy and often you do not have the time to think and reflect about your studies and its roles in your life. So take the opportunity to be accompanied by a work-life coach who have extended experiences of the academic world.

    First, you and I know that selecting one subject rather than another for a future is not always straightforward as often you just have hypothetical career dreams. Academic one-to-one coaching provides you with suitable space to reflect on your life dreams, life purpose, life goals as well as your values driving your choices in your life, including the current subject choices and your long-term career choices. You develop self-knowledge and self-awareness of who you are and develop your capacity to envision what a fulfilled life means to you.

    Second, as a student, you often hear that studying requires 40 hours a week but a student life is made of many elements that need to be combined even when conflicting: studying while also working part- time, developing friendships while taking care of family or starting a relationship and going making friends while developing a healthy lifestyle. How do you balance your study and non-study responsibilities so that your academic results support your career dreams?

    As a CPCC coach, work-life researcher and university teacher since 2001, my strong belief is that instead of being told, ordered, warned to ”study 40 hours”, you should get adequately supported in managing both studying and living. One- to-one academic coaching develops your knowledge, capacity, and skills to balance, integrate, segment and/or combine your study with other activities so that you can reach your life goals, whatever they may currently be…

    So take the opportunity to be accompanied by a work-life coach. One-to-one academic coaching puts you at the centre of the transformation of your own self and of your study/non-study management not only for to impact your current studies but surely to prepare you for life after studying.


    Academic coaching is offered is proposed

    • as unique session
    • as 3, 6, 9 or 12-month programme
    • face-to-face or remotely (phone or Zoom)
    • in English, Swedish and French
    • for any student either as private or university clients


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