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  • Jean-Charles E. Languilaire, Ph.D., CPCC, CTT

    Work-life & leadership in heart, soul & body

    Formally, I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) focusing on work-life balance. I hold a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Jönköping University, Sweden and thus I am a independent researcher work-life balance especially work/non-work boundary management. I am also Certified Cultural Transformation Tools Consultant, (Barrett Value Center). I hold a Master of Science in Business and Economics with a major in Business Administration and Service Management from Karlstad University, Sweden. I am a Graduate of Dijon Bourgogne Business School, France. But who am I?

    Discover me below as person, as human, as thinker….

    My journey into work-life, leadership and coaching

    Already when I was at secondary school, I strongly decided to follow social sciences rather than natural sciences. This led me in 1999 to enter Dijon Business School (already Burgundy Business School) and in 2000-2001, Karlstad University Sweden for a Master in Service Management with focus on research.

    In November 2000, I was having a famous Swedish fika with a book when I suddenly come across work-life conflict as a source of stress and bad heathy habits for employees. This talked to me and since then I am focused on work-life. The research touch of my master led me to get deeply and emotionally connected with knowledge and exploration. While doing my Ph.D. at Jönköping International Business School, Sweden, I was flexible on many aspects in my thesis project but one: work-life and later work/non-work boundaries. Since 2002, I am thus solely focus on researching how individuals manage the work-life interface. This got quickly combined with the centrality of leadership and self-leadership as well as HR and Organisations theory that became my field of teaching and discussion within Business Administration.

    In 2012, after breaking up a long-term relationship, I put myself solely into work. I thus shifted a life puzzle that I was harmonious… This was barrable for 2,5 years when in 2015, I decided change. In September 2015, I “really” settled and moved into a famous countryside house in Skåne, Sweden. I (re)developed a life outside work connecting in authentic way with people around me. I got my dog, my beautiful Enzo. I started to enjoy living in Skåne and close to nature. However, strangely, but surely not without coincidence, my position and stability at work were then put at the test. After almost 2 years of misery at work with difficult discussions and arguments to defend my professionalism, my honor, my values and my reputation, I decided to continue develop. In 2017, I started Co-Active Coaching training considering my research experience and my deep engagement for work-life and leadership. After now 2 years of training and now that I am 41, life turns and shifts…indeed it shifts as when I was 14, I lost my father and one of the main guiding star of my life and now, being 41, I see new stars guiding me

    I am finally a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), and I resigned from academic positions to start working fully for my own at JCL Coaching, the 1st of September 2019. I thank all people that cross my path and gave me the strength to continue… let me help you and accompany you on your journey

    Myself and my humanistic values at your service

    Along my journey into work-life, leadership and coaching, several values became essential to my development and critical to my decisions. My coaching training as well my own coaching with my personal coach enable me to name my values and to understand their roles in work and outside work. Here are my values and how I put them at your service…


    I am curious (often too much) but this makes that I am curious about what is going on around me. I am not afraid to start to investigate new areas. This helps me in getting to know individuals and organisations I work with. This helps me when starting fresh and when I get myself discovering the newness that you represent to me.


    I do like sharing time around good food and wine; I am French afterall. But sharing is about learning from each other and feeling complementary on from another. It is also about being open towards the others. All that is essential for me in coaching and consulting as I share with you what I see, what I experience and what I feel so that you may learn.


    I care about few persons in my life especially my mum who did transmit me the nice virus of caring about others. Caring is about being there. Caring is about cherishing others and creating conditions for them to be well and to feel healthy and human. Caring leads to compassion and tolerance for others’ situations and points of view. Caring is also about make sure the oneself has what one needs and wants to feel complete. All that renders caring essential in coaching, consulting and teaching.


    Do not talk to me to just say “bla bla” and if you do not know. There are many types if knowledge, but without it, it becomes difficult to have healthy and sustainable relationships. Everyone knows something about something. This is central for me as I use my academic and research-based knowledge about work-life and leadership. In combination with YOUR knowledge about yourself or about your organisation, we are able to co-create new ways to address challenges and new ways to grow and learn together. Let’s together create a knowledge intensive relationship.


    Be true to oneself, to the relationships and to the situation are for me essential aspects of authenticity and they are today the cornerstones of new leadership thinking. By being authentic, I do not see any of roles (coach, friends, as consult, brother, partner, teacher…) as being the cheer-leader but more being the critical eyes and the honest voices of how I feel, how I see, how I perceive what is going on here and now. This enables to challenge others and to make them grow by putting them outside their zone of comfort which is also their zone of learning.

    These 5 values are all falling together to support my last two values… Loving & Learning


    …are processes belonging to any living elements on the planet, human, animal and nature. They are essential to adapt & develop TOGETHER IN HARMONY.

    Do you want to know more about me?


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