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  • How is your life-puzzle and work-life balance?

    Be the genuine & heroic leader of your life puzzle and work-life balance

    Living a meaningful life sustained by authentic work-life balance, the so called Life Puzzle, is the key to individuals’ motivation, commitment, innovation, creativity, engagement, health, vitality, energy and performance at and outside work. Individuals’ well-being and organisational success are intertwined. As all organisations and individuals are different and unique, it can be difficult for both to apply so-called best practices and ready-made advices. It becomes demanding to authentically, sustainably and knowledgeably address work-life challenges to create conditions enabling you, individuals and organisations, to develop humanistic conditions for positive experiences in their Life Puzzle.

    My mission is to render work-life balance at the centre of sustainable, authentic and humanistic relationships. The services at JCL COACHING empower individuals and organisations in their transformative leadership journey towards being genuine & heroic leaders of their Life Puzzle

    Take a step towards a harmonious life puzzle, work-life balance & authentic leadership

    About Jean-Charles

    As Work-Life Researcher (Ph.D.), Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Certified Cultural Transformation Tools Consultant (CTTC), I, Jean-Charles Languilaire i.e. JCL, take work-life experiences to the next level by focusing on the so-called life puzzle and its underlying processes. I rely on my values (exploring, sharing, caring, knowledge, authenticity, loving & learning) to empower and accompany individuals and organisations in being authentic, courageous, knowledgeable, bold and heroic during their transformative journeys towards a harmonious life puzzle, a genuine leadership and finally a sustainable work-life balance for all.

    About leading your life-puzzle and reaching work-life balance

    To create a life puzzle composed of domains such work, family, friends and more, we all daily manage up to eight elements: our time, our space, our relationships with others, our emotions, our behaviours, our thoughts, our energy and our strain. We decide on strategies to handle these elements. Sometimes we can implement them as we would like, sometimes we cannot. In the early case balance emerges and in the latter case, conflict arises. What do you want as life puzzle? How do you define strategies? How do you put them in place? How much possibilities or constraints do you have while creating your life puzzle?… All these questions make that LIFE PUZZLING IS ABOUT LEADING oneself in life.

    About JCL Coaching

    JCL Coaching views work-life balance and leadership at the centre of sustainable, authentic and humanistic relationships and above all at the centre of our sustainable society. JCL Coaching offers individual coaching, business consulting as well as work-life education and keynotes to individuals and organisations in their transformative journey towards being genuine and heroic leader for work-life & leadership. Beside the research-based approach, JCL Coaching relies on co-active coaching methods and cultural transformation tools as well as 17 UN Sustainable goals to make its vision into actions

    About coaching and work-life coaching

    Work-life coaching releases individuals’ resources to take a conscious and heroic role on the development of their life puzzle. Co-active work-life coaching supports individuals in being and acting harmoniously in their journey for work-life balance.


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